Everyone wants to live “happily ever after”, right? We all know that’s true. So, let’s look in the rearview mirror of life to see how one woman’s journey has brought her to that “happily ever after”. Cindy readily admits that her relationship with Bob had an “unusual” start since they were each married to someone else. Cindy was a very devoted department head of nuclear medicine at a large hospital and Bob was focused on climbing the ranks of H. J. Heinz Corporation. If Bob had not been playing on the same baseball team as Cindy’s spouse, their paths might never have crossed. Whenever they’d meet at various social events, they always seemed to have lots to talk about and became good friends. It wasn’t until after both marriages dissolved that their acquaintance became more than just a really good friendship.

This coming September 30th, the Komars will celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary. What a great accomplishment . . .one that’s not heard of very often these days! Along the way they’ve lived in Texas, Chicago, and Pittsburgh, but are happy to call the Atlanta metroplex home. They have two grown children, son Steve who is married to Parker, and daughter Kelly who is married to Dustin. And while they do love their Westie name Riley and their Doberman named Raven, neither will ever hold a candle to their granddaughter Nolan who will soon be turning 1.

When asked what the best part of marriage is, Cindy did not hesitate to respond. “It’s definitely companionship. We used to play tennis together a lot, but now that’s Bob’s game. We also love to golf or go to the beach.” But that is not the only opportunity for them to certainly companion successfully! In 2007 Bob joined Cindy’s real estate team, and together they have built an award-winning team that’s passionate about serving both buyers and sellers. You can learn more about Cindy and Bob Komar by visiting their website www.thekomarteam.com.

As author Fawn Weaver wrote, “The greatest marriages are built on teamwork. A mutual respect, a healthy dose of admiration, and a never-ending portion of love and grace.” Every couple does indeed have a story and we believe the Komars have written an award-winning one. Congratulations to Cindy and Bob as they look forward to celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary!

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