How was your week? Can you describe it in just one word? The word for our past week is EXCITING! Diane and I had the privilege of leading two book club discussions on Happily Ever After Everyone Else with the Kilbourn Public Library in Wisconsin Dells. The only thing that could possibly have made it any better would have been to be there in person and not have to rely on the airwaves of Skype. However, from the first moment the ladies appeared on our computer screen, enjoying Julie’s favorite mixed nuts and Sophie’s pink beverage of choice, we knew it was going to be fun! This was an impressive book club that knew how to use our RECIPES page to set the mood for their event!

As authors, it was thrilling to listen to the women share their thoughts regarding the characters we created for out first novel. Comments, such as “I was just so upset with her!” or “Why doesn’t she just tell him what she is thinking?”, were music to our ears. These women had connected with our fictional protagonist; there is no greater compliment for an author! They also wanted to know what is going to happen in the sequel that is set to be launched January 24th. The question “What about that nun, Sister Mary Margaret?” was asked at both meetings, and as much as we really did want to share that part of the story, neither Diane nor I wanted to spoil anyone's future read! In fact, the only smidgeon of the storyline we shared concerning Mike’s version was about the carved wooden Bucky Badger they could see behind us. (FYI . . . those of you that weren’t with us during our book discussion . . . this roughhewn mascot, pictured in today's blog, is privy to seeing a lot of what Mike experiences after the rehearsal!)

So, a big THANK YOU to librarian Cathy Borck and the book club members for making our week so wonderful! We know there will be more EXCITING NEWS coming from other book clubs, too. We look forward to chatting with other readers participating in scheduled events about the Morins and sharing some of the little, secretive, inside stories…i.e. Mike and Julie’s last name was chosen to honor Diane’s mom whose last name was Morin and/or that the idea of the cracked windshield was created in remembrance of Mary’s car. If you know of any book clubs that would like to be added to our calendar, feel free to contact us at Once again we thank Cathy and the ladies of the Kilbourn Public Library book club and we salute them with a big Sophie WOO!

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