Who doesn’t love getting the recipe for some mouth-watering delicious dish that he or she tried? Mary and I took it one step further. We came across recipes that actually inspired us to mention those food and drinks in our stories! Today we are debuting a new section on our website. Our brand new RECIPES page has finished cooking and is ready to serve to all our readers! Go ahead and give it a try. At the top, click on the RECIPES tab and browse the items on that page. Then click on one to learn the book and chapter in which it’s mentioned, and exercise your culinary talent. You’ll be able to connect a little closer to our stories, which is not such a half-baked idea! It will also give you something to do while waiting for the January 24th release of our second book Happily Ever After the Choice: The Morins Book 2. Please let us know what you think of our new RECIPES page and leave a comment for us on our Facebook page:

Welcome again to trying the RECIPES page of our website and we hope you’ll love it from your head to your tomatoes!

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