Are You In Training?

This month’s popular Peachtree Road Race has come and gone. I did not participate and maybe never will, but in reading about the participants, I am fascinated to learn how they train for the big day. While I will probably never earn the right to wear that coveted t-shirt, I have decided to train in a different manner as I run a different kind of race. I am “training my brain” in pursuit of winning “The Happiness Advantage”.

Just as I’ve always believed certain individuals are gifted with the lean body type and ability to run almost effortlessly, I’ve always thought that people who possess an optimistic attitude are just wired that way. And while I do consider myself to be an optimistic person, it wasn’t until recently when faced with surprising news that I decided to make a conscious effort to choose happiness. Just like that long-distance runner who chooses to run consistently, whether it’s raining or blistering hot, I am now choosing to do three things every day to move me toward that happiness advantage:

#1. Write down three new things for which I am grateful.

#2. Write down one positive thing that’s happened today.

#3. Do a random act of kindness for someone else.

Of course, the key to success is doing this daily! While I haven’t faced the heat or the rain that could tempt a marathon runner to skip some days, there have been challenges. The wonderful news is that even when I haven’t accomplished all three steps 100%, I am making progress and experience a greater feeling of happiness every day. These simple activities are really changing the way that I view the world around me, and since 90% of happiness is perception, I know that I’m well on my way to capturing “The Happiness Advantage”. Won’t you join me?

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