The Great Debate: Where's Your Outside Lane?

An interesting thing happened this week as our new book moved on from editing to cover design. Mary and I were enjoying the results of our final manuscript when we came across a phrase that caught Mary’s attention. It talked about someone speeding up in the “outside lane” in order to pass another driver. This sparked a discussion about which lane was the true outside lane. Mary defined it as the furthest lane from the median, with the “inside lane” being the one closest to the median. I defined the “outside lane” as the left lane where drivers should be able to pass slower moving vehicles. I could see her point though when it came to a racetrack. We decided to google the terms and came up with an interesting conclusion.

Though there are definitions provided from the usual sources, there is an ongoing debate between personal opinions as to which lane is which. Truckers have been consulted, professional drivers have been surveyed, as well as people from other career fields that involve transportation. It doesn’t seem to matter which group is asked, there are always some people with a different point of view when referencing the “outside” and “inside” lanes. There are even online forums where people carry on the great debate! Go ahead. Ask about a half dozen to a dozen people which lane is considered the outside lane. You are bound to find differing opinions!

Then once you get past that deliberation, we can introduce you to a whole new world of “lanes”, such as the climbing lane or hammer lane. Don’t worry though. If you’re not ready for it, just stay in the inside lane and let the others pass you. Or is that the outside lane?

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