Family Reunions

This past week my family and I were on vacation in Quebec as we attended a double family reunion. Gathered together were relatives from both sides of my husband’s family. This was our children’s first family reunion ever attended and it was literally a living example of some branches in our family tree for them. Add to that the bilingual factor of those who could speak only French, only English, or some degree of both. We noticed that the children didn't necessarily need language when meeting each other. They simply accepted each other and shared in their enjoyment of play, whether with a ball, a frisbee, or video games. Older ones helped younger ones. They didn’t care what name each item was called in any language or who it belonged to, as long as they could join in the fun. That in itself is a lesson for world leaders!

The day was so enjoyable and it was wonderful to catch up with my husband’s cousins, whom we had not seen since before our children were born, and to meet their children as well! We chatted with uncles and aunts, some relatives we call “once removed”, boyfriends and girlfriends, as well as family friends. As with all reunions, there was, of course, those who showed evidence of aging, those whose physical appearances surprised us all, and those who “haven’t changed one bit” as they defy both time and gravity!

At one point, it was time for groups and photos, as we captured the event for the purpose of recording memories in scrapbooks and digital logs. Each branch of the family tree posed for their snapshot. There were the Janelles, the Lachapelles, the Amnottes, the Capistrans, and the Therriens. After looking at the photos taken at the event, especially the one of the Janelles, I commented, “Wow, and all because two people fell in love.” My daughter Emilie replied, “And look how much that love grew!” So true, Emilie . . . with a little love, look how much people can grow and in so many ways!

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