June is the Purr-fect Month for Adoptions!

Did you know that June is the official “Adopt a Cat Month?” I only recently discovered so, but I must admit that my husband probably won’t be overly excited about my learning of this celebration. To me this is a wonderfully logical opportunity to increase the size of our feline family, but I’m confident he will not see anything logical about my thought process. He knows it’s just that I really love those four-legged creatures!

I’m not quite sure where the fascination originated. Perhaps it all started when I was a little girl. My mother was deathly, and I do mean DEATHLY, AFRAID of cats. I really wanted to get a kitten but her answer was always the same: “No, Mary. Someday when you’re grown up, you can have one.” Many years later my dream became a reality when our children coaxed a starving, flea-infested cat to come out from under a porch. They scooped him up and proudly brought the suffering animal to their dad, pleading to give it to their mom for Christmas. Their scheme worked and we have been a cat family ever since.

Sugar, the blue-eyed, deaf cat, was the first member of our feline family. When we moved to a ten-acre farm with an old dairy barn, we inherited more cats that stole our hearts. Boo, the orange mouser, Miss Kibbles and her twin sister Peaches, Cowboy, Zoe, Mary Jane, Einstein, Oscar, Daisy, Mable, Billy, Lucky, and Scout. Even after twenty years, we still remember their names and distinct personalities! Our children loved those animals and learned valuable life lessons as they cared for them. When we moved to Georgia, only our housecat Sugar made the trip with us. After Sugar moved on to eternity, we welcomed Capone and today Carmela rules our domicile.

June is the height of kitten season and local shelters are now gearing up for the influx of homeless and newborn cats. There are numerous ways each of us can help, whether it is welcoming a new feline into the family or donating our time or money to a local shelter. We can talk with the children in our lives about the importance of pet adoption. Another option is to share this blog and promote awareness that this is the purrrrfect time to come to the aid of these animals. Remember what Sigmund Freud said: “Time spent with cats is never wasted.” Together, let’s make a difference!

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