Our Other "Moms"

This weekend in Atlanta we had a beautiful Mother’s Day graced with wonderfully sunny weather. Mary and I hope that all our readers who are moms enjoyed being honored on our special day. What a difference moms make in this world! They raise us and guide us and, even long after their souls have passed on, their wisdom and essence still live on within us in countless ways.

In my post this week, I would also like to honor someone else who holds a very special place in our hearts— mothers-in-law. Many a mother-in-law joke has been told on tv, in movies, at work, and between friends. They usually paint a picture of a bitter interfering woman who constantly makes life difficult. Maybe Mary and I are just blessed and lucky. Maybe all the stars of the universe happened to line up in perfect order for us because, in our opinion, we both have wonderful mothers-in-law! After all, the gracious husbands we love and married were raised by them! Already they did something right because each one is a big part of who her son is today.

Micheline Janelle is the other woman in my life who I happily call “mom”. She is a caring, open-hearted person who gives great advice when asked, and knows the times when nothing can or should be said. She is a lot of fun to hang out with, have a drink with, laugh with, and she always sets a great example by putting family first. She has taught me things about crafts and cooking and she’s proud of her French heritage in a way I admire and emulate.

Millie Duffek is Mary’s mother-in-law and she is a great baker of pies and breads. She has given Mary some excellent baking tips. She’s also the one who taught Mary how to can all kinds of food and has shared wonderful advice on many occasions.

Mothers-in-law are part of precious family memories and they create special relationships with our children, their greatly loved grandchildren. They are happily there when we need them and show us the strength of a woman by example. They are the other "mom” and I believe there are way more good ones than the ones we hear about in stories. There is even a plant named Mother-in-Law’s Tongue and it helps to filter the air in a home and is often used to weave African baskets. If cared for well, its sweet-scented flowers will blossom. Sounds like the relationship, doesn’t it? So Happy Mother’s Day to our Mothers-in-law too. We love you, are blessed by you, and honor you as well!

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