What Hobby Lets Your Soul Bloom?

This past Saturday I took full advantage of the gorgeous weather and enjoyed one of my favorite hobbies: gardening! With my somewhat rusty trowel in hand, I bulldozed the clay, adding more purchased garden soil and mixing the concoction thoroughly. I placed the celosias in neat, uniform rows, trying desperately to make my small flower patch rival the entrances to upscale subdivisions. When I finally finished, I took a well-deserved rest to survey my accomplishment. It was then reality hit, and I realized that my small endeavor would never rival the perfection of any professional landscape company. Not wanting to replant that uneven flowerbed, my mind began to wander, and I thought of Julie Morin. We never read about her gardening in Happily Ever After Everyone Else. In the short four days that we peak into her life, she didn’t seem to have extra time for anything nonessential. What could her hobbies be?

Considering she’s a high school English teacher, she must be a voracious reader. If so, this woman probably owns multiple e-readers or a vast book collection the same way some techies possess an array of gizmos and gadgets. Perhaps she is a TV junkie who has recorded every educational home decorating episode and cooking show. If given the time, she could whip up a five-course meal while simultaneously hanging the artwork on the dining room’s newly installed shiplap wall. Or perhaps her favorite hobby is the same as my co-author Diane: crafting! If so, there’s no doubt that she shares Diane’s wonderful combination of creativity and thoughtfulness that always shines through. Just like Diane, it wouldn’t matter if she’s designed a handmade greeting card or constructed a one-of-a-kind Christmas ornament, the finished item would always convey thoughtfulness and friendship. Or maybe . . .

It was then that one of those awful carpenter bees began buzzing round me and brought me out of my daydreaming thoughts. I must admit I was tempted to go find the tennis racquet and swat him to death, but I resisted. It was so wonderfully rewarding just to sit and rest. The dictionary explains it as the “refreshing ease or inactivity after exertion or labor.” I would add that it's a “lost art” in these busy, over-scheduled times that we live in!

So as Mother’s Day approaches (even if you aren’t a mother!), I hope you will make an appointment with yourself to enjoy a favorite hobby and allow your soul a refreshing rest. You deserve it!

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