We'll Always Have Paris

“We’ll always have Paris.” That’s the famous line from the movie Casablanca and it’s a line many couples fondly think of while they’re in Paris. I recently visited the city of lights and romance with my family and I couldn’t help but make a comparison between marriage and the most popular Parisian landmark, the Eiffel Tower. When you first see it, especially while lit, you marvel at its beauty, just like newlyweds whose hearts are captured by love and commitment on their wedding day.

Once you arrive at the tourist spot, you can’t just zoom up to the top and see the landscape of Paris. It’s not that easy and neither is marriage. You have to take the time to decide what level you want and how you want to get up there. There are different lines and options to navigate. Are you going to the top with a guided tour, on your own, or through reservations at one of the restaurants? You also need patience while waiting in lines. You must get through security before getting in your chosen line to the top. When you hit the milestone moment of your turn, you are celebratory. You make the anxious trek to the top with your loved ones. Once there, you are rewarded with the thrill of seeing the beautiful landscape of Paris in the daytime or the romance of its lights at night. It’s a moment in time that becomes locked in your memory.

With marriage, you have options and decisions to navigate. You must feel secure with your partner. You need patience and sometimes you hope you made the right choices. Then when a celebratory milestone arrives, you are rewarded with the beauty of what you are sharing together. It can be the landscape of where you’ve been together and what you’ve been through, or perhaps it’s the glowing lights of romantic moments you’ve shared over the years. Your relationship is your Eiffel Tower and the longer you’re together, the taller it becomes. Then when you look back over your life together, maybe you’ll even be lucky enough to say to your loved one, “We’ll always have Paris.”


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