Walk on Your Wild Side!

This Thursday, April 12th, is WALK ON YOUR WILD SIDE DAY! So, what could that possibly entail? Maybe you’re like me and suffer from odontophobia, a fancy word for being afraid of receiving dental work. This is the perfect day to be bold and courageous, making that long overdue dentist appointment. Perhaps you will want to celebrate this unusual holiday by choosing something that’s more of a thrill-seeking event. You could go to an indoor skydiving facility and experience the rush of free-falling like William does in our upcoming sequel. Of course, there is an endless list of options limited only by your imagination. While I must admit there are many opportunities to WALK ON YOUR WILD SIDE and celebrate, I think I would make the same choice Julie did in our first book. Let’s enjoy taking a quick stroll down memory lane with a peek back at a moment in Happily Ever After Everyone Else to see that choice:

"Okay, so now is a good time to tell you. There are rooms here made up to be different themes, and I took the jungle room for us,” Mike announced. “Don’t you think this will be fun? I can’t wait to see what it’s like."

​ “I guess so. I just don’t know what to expect, so keep in mind that I’m playing catch-up. Jungle, huh?”

​ The door opened and the Morins exited the elevator. After reading a sign, they headed toward the jungle suite. Julie started to imagine something tropical with exotic flowers. She pictured cuddling with her man in a lush bed with clean, white, linen sheets and thickly stuffed down-feather pillows, while large, tropical leaves fanned them. This whole fantasy-suite idea was actually growing on her very quickly. It did sound enticing and fun and putting some of that fun in their time together certainly couldn’t hurt at all. So why not? Life always seemed to have a way of throwing curves at them, but what could possibly happen in a harmless hotel room decorated to fit a fantasy?

​ At that moment, Julie Morin took her chance to WALK ON HER WILD SIDE and she owned it! Now, more importantly, how are YOU going to celebrate this Thursday, April 12? We’d love to know so please share it with us on our She Said He Said Books Facebook page! Go ahead, ladies! Empower yourselves and take a walk on your wild sides!

#tryingnewthings #wild

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