Everyone wants to live “happily ever after”, right? We all know that’s true. So, let’s look in the rearview mirror of life to see how one woman’s journey has brought her to that “happily ever after”. Years ago at the “ripe old age of 25”, LOL, Jackie says she had “given up on men”, until, that is, she met Jerry, a “good guy” with a “great sense of humor.” He was exactly what she was looking for and then some!

They were both living in St. Louis, MO, and met because Jackie’s best friend was dating Jerry’s best friend. (While the relationship between their two best friends didn’t last, Jerry’s and Jackie’s has gone the distance.) After dating for a few months, Jackie was about to be transferred to TX, and when she broke the news to Jerry, he said he would give up his current job to follow her there, which is exactly what he did. As she got to know Jerry better, she knew he would be a great husband and a fun dad. What a winning combination! After dating a year and a half, they married on Sept. 8th , almost 28 years ago.

When asked about the greatest challenge in getting to their “happily ever after”, Jackie readily admits that becoming distracted and not being focused on the husband-wife relationship has been the biggest challenge. Jerry has a busy career in IT and Jackie is the founder of A Matter of Motivation, a thriving business helping both individuals and businesses be their very best! Toss in two children and a pair of gracefully aging parents and it is very easy to lose focus. “A couple really needs to make time for themselves.” When asked how they’ve handled stressful situations, Jackie shared that for them, they’ve found handling the little issues presents far more of a challenge than a potentially larger problem. “When a bigger, stressful situation comes along, we usually excel because we are banded together with one common goal.” So, whether losing focus of having time together or facing the challenges of the little irritations couples encounter in day-to-day life, what’s one of the ingredients to prescribe for a successful, long-lasting relationship? Jackie was quick to respond that humor and fun must be there. I absolutely agree — lots of laughter!

Now take this wonderful advice from this wonderful woman and carve out some special time with your partner for some fun and laughter. Insist on making it a priority and it will keep you going on your road to “happily ever after!”

We here at She Said He Said Books congratulate Jackie and Jerry Martin on the wonderful story of their couplehood! To learn more about Jackie and the excellent service she provides to individuals and businesses, visit http://amatterofmotivation.com/team/jackie-martin/.

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