Happy Spring!

This week we will welcome Spring! For those of us who enjoyed our childhood in the 1900s (doesn’t that sound old?), we remember that wonderful first day of spring being marked on March 21st. Nowadays and until 2102 in the northern hemisphere, however, it will happen on March 20th and, at times, even March 19th! You may wonder how that can be. Isn’t it the same day every year? Well, simply put, no. That’s because, just like a year is not an even number of days, neither are the seasons. We are reminded that we must adjust our human-made calendars and measuring systems from time to time to the eternal timeclock of God’s universe. You can take heart at also knowing, at this point in the cosmos, the accumulated time of the warmer seasons in our part of the world is a tad slightly longer than that of the colder ones. That’s good news for those of us who are ready for spring to hug us with its warmth! (Sorry to those of you still buried under snow!)

Yes! We welcome seeing and feeling the annual renewal that comes with springtime! Flowers begin blooming, trees start budding, while early mornings and late afternoons are filled with the sound of birds singing once again. People begin spending more time outdoors as we enjoy all things renewed. What a perfect time to do the same with our relationships! Do you ever find yourself saying to someone, “We have to get together some time.” or “You know what I’d love to do if I had the time . .”? The co-authors of She Said He Said Books believe now is the perfect time to shake the winter off and renew your relationships and your soul! Welcome Spring by calling an old friend, surprising a grandparent, or refreshing your marriage or couplehood! Dare to do just one thing different! Indulge yourself and try that something new you’ve been promising yourself! Decide to be absolutely nothing else but positive with new goals! Just take that first step and the rest will follow! I know Mary and I are celebrating Spring by developing the next new couple in our book series! While book two of the Morins is sitting in the hands of our publisher, making its way to its own launch, we are starting with a new couple with their own story to tell! Happy Spring everyone!

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