Spunky Old Broads!

As the month of February is drawing to a close, many women might be reflecting on the wonderfully romantic moments we experienced this past Valentine’s Day. During those first fourteen days of the month, idealistic photos of young couples holding hands flourish while commercials abound that love is in the air. While February is promoted as a month for lovers, what happens once that amorous date has passed? Is there something else to celebrate? Absolutely! February has also been christened as Spunky Old Broads’ Month! As we women grow older, I love the idea of celebrating our metamorphosis of becoming one of these! Most likely we’re already losing the battle of fighting the reflection seen in our full-length mirrors. The firmly toned upper arms, for me, is the highlight of embarrassment. This was made abundantly clear the other day when a young child asked, “Can I play with your saggy arm skin?” (I wanted to reply, “Only if I can play with the space between your ears!” Okay, so I didn’t say that!) Rather than focusing on our outward beauty, what would happen if we each made a conscious decision to concentrate instead on our inner beauty? A good case in point would be high-spirited, energetic women.

Pictured above are two of the most wonderful spunky old broads I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. By the way, for those of you who have read Happily Ever After Everyone Else, let me make it clear they are not “Ginger” and “Rosemary”! They are my mom Katie and her dear friend Lou. These two women embraced life to the fullest! They were proper and dignified, as in this photo when they were asked to serve wedding cake to the guests of a dear friend, but they could be (and often were) the “life of the party” when the opportunity presented itself. Each was dedicated to her famiy and a glorious grandma to her children’s offspring. Both were hard workers at their places of employment and both had servants’ hearts that are sadly rarely seen throughout today’s society. They were ambassadors of love and acceptance to all.

So, the next time you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror that does not reflect as you wish, don’t despair. Choose to join the Spunky Old Broads’ Club with Diane and me. We’ll save a seat for ya. Just bring your own spunk! (Flappy arm skin is optional!)

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