Your Loved Ones in the Olympics?

The Winter Olympics are here and we are enjoying ourselves while cheering for team USA . . . USA . . . USA! So this quadrennial event has inspired us to ask our readers, “If you could enter your loved ones in any Olympic event, what would it be and why?” For example, I would enter my husband Marc in the ice hockey event. He grew up in Canada and, in Canada, babies are practically born with a puck for a pacifier! Ay? Next I would place my son in the speed skating contest because he has always had the need for speed! Lastly, I would choose figure-skating for my daughter because she has always loved all things that are gracefully beautiful and she actually competed in figure-skating during her younger years. I have the fondest memories of skirted outfits, pretty gloves, and ponytails with ribbons that make a little cute girl look so precious.

Now my co-author Mary would enter her husband Tom in the bobsled event because, according to him, all he would have to do is just sit and let gravity do all the work. I want Tom to know that, if he just wants to sit and not run or push, then he’ll have to be the one driving and braking as well. That job belongs to the front sitter. Mary is uncertain what event she would enter her cat Carmella in but it sure wouldn’t be dog sled racing, which was a demonstration sport at the 1932 Olympics. Relax, Mary. Even if Carmella had lived in 1932 and ran into trouble with a team of dogs, haven’t you heard? She has nine lives (which actually would be eight after 1932)!

So which events would you, our readers, choose for your family members? Have fun deciding, and remember the following. No matter what event we choose for our special loved ones, they may or may not win the gold, but that’s okay, because they’ve already won something more precious . . . our hearts! This is why (get ready for it) . . .

we will always carry an olympic-sized torch for them!

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