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Released 01-24-2019

Happily Ever After The Choice

The Morins Book 2

Following Happily Ever After Everyone Else, the story of Mike and Julie Morin as told by Julie, this is Mike’s version of events. The Morins are navigating life sandwiched between caring for an elderly mother-in-law and facing the challenges that come with having a large family. While dealing with a smorgasbord of stresses, Mike and Julie go on the road to their oldest son’s wedding. Mike just wants to “get lucky” and have all the answers to an easier life that caters to his needs. Now toss in a college buddy and his new wife, a nun, and several other characters along the way. Follow the Morins once again as they try to figure out how to correctly digest a tray of troubles, a serving of predicaments, and a basket case of hilarity, all while Mike attempts to figure out where he will land and what he will do with the big jam he has served himself. Then learn who will live happily ever after . . . the choice!


Released 09-21-2017

Happily Ever After Everyone Else

The Morins Book 1

Take five children, one son-in-law, two grandchildren, one future daughter-in-law, one live-in elderly parent, and include them in your life and marriage. Next, add all the daily issues that may come up in this family, between sixty-six different relationships, the stress from two full-time jobs, the coordination of everyone's commitments, the repair of their problems, and then toss in a few people from the past. Finally, sprinkle in a road trip, a wedding, and several attempts at finding time for romance and a love life. This is the perfect recipe for a panini of problems, a club sandwich of conflicts, and a BLT of breakdowns, with a side of getting into pickles. This is the life of Julie and Mike Morin, sandwiched in between generations and the pressures that come with it. Humor and hilarity make up the dessert in this story. Life's short. Eat the dessert and read the book! 

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She Said He Said Books 

by Mary Becker &

Diane St.Cyr Janelle

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