About the Co-Authors (the Show and Tell of Us) . . .

About Mary

  • I have a wonderful older brother named Bill and we were raised by an incredible single mother who taught us the importance of serving others.

  • My childhood hometown is Wisconsin Dells; to me it will always be remembered as the Mayberry of the Midwest.

  • Sadie Hawkins will forever hold a place in my heart because that is when I invited my “unbeknownst to me” future husband on our first date.

  • I attended the University of Wisconsin in Madison where I earned my MRS. Degree after attending for just one year.

  • Our family has lived in Wisconsin, Mississippi, Texas, Georgia, and Germany . . .but each one of us will always be devout Green Bay Packer fans.

  • The first children’s book I ever wrote is The Debt Monster, who teaches the difference between a “want” and a “need” plus the importance of delayed gratification.

  • The second children’s book in the Kid$ense series is The Dazzling Dollar Dude. He is a money superhero who teaches the I. O. Lots family to give first, then save, then spend.

  • The third book in the series is Auntie Bea Joyful’s Christmas Gift, which teaches children and reminds their parents that there is more to the holidays than going shopping at the mall and going into debt!

  • I love, love, love the Christmas holidays and play Christmas music way too early . . . at least my family thinks so!

  • I’ve been fortunate to have had many varied careers, from being a tour guide to managing a McDonald’s to selling real estate, but my favorite role will always be that of wife and mother.

About Diane

  • I was born in Manchester, NH, to Arthur and Lorraine St.Cyr.

  • I have four older brothers and no sisters so, yes, I grew up a tomboy.

  • My brothers’ names are Ron, Armand, Andy, and Rene.

  • I went to St. Anthony Elementary School, St. Joseph Jr. High, Trinity High, and Notre Dame College, all in Manchester.

  • That’s a whole lot of Catholic education, from beginning to end, mostly with the Sisters of Holy Cross.

  • I worked at McDonald’s during my high school and college years to earn money for my tuition and books.

  • I was an elementary school teacher for 13 years at the same school I attended as a child. (Apparently I didn’t get enough of the place the first time around!)

  • I met my husband Marc through his cousin Eric, who was a student in my second grade classroom. I should’ve given Eric automatic straight A’s that year!

  • I know how to play the guitar and the djembe.

  • Christmas is my favorite time of year.

  • I love crafts and creating things.

  • I am a breast cancer survivor.

  • Mary and I first met as neighbors. Today we are close friends and co-authors. We are p.i.m.p.s for each other! (pea in my pod)

She Said He Said Books 

by Mary Becker &

Diane St.Cyr Janelle

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